Artisanal waffles with a delicious stuffing

Petit Baron bakes waffles in the artisanal way, cut and stuffed by hand! Our stuffed waffles are made with dairy butter, in that way we can guaranty you the best taste. To offer you the genuine taste we don’t use preservatives or dyes in our products.

The waffles are stuffed with different tastes: vanilla, rhum, brown sugar or ginger.

As we only use fresh products it is recommended to keep the waffles in the refrigerator to keep them fresh. They have the best taste at room temperature, so don’t forget to get them out on time !

Waffles with or without chocolate

In our product range you don’t only find stuffed waffles with different tastes, we also offer traditional vanilla waffles. These are also made with fresh butter for the best taste. They are available with or without chocolat.

And more…

We also manufacture almond cookies, hard and soft butter waffles and cacao waffles.

For more information about our products you can contact us.